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Hey! I’m Oskar Nowik and welcome to my site. Back in 2013 I’ve came across this thing called “SEO” and later on I’ve found out that I need to learn how to create a blog so that I can use my “SEO skills” to get some free traffic from Google. I was so intimidated by the idea of creating my first website that I’ve put it off for an entire year which looking back was just a limiting belief.

Back then, I imagined that in order to build a website you need to know how to code (not true at all!). Fortunately, I’ve realised that you don’t need any coding skills whatsoever to create beautiful and fully functional websites.

oskar nowik

The answer was WordPress.

After discovering WordPress which is an open-source software that gives a complete newbie the power to build a professional website I’ve spent multiple weeks using all the free time I had studying WordPress and how to build a site. Once my site was ready I started applying whatever SEO techniques I’ve discovered on different forums and somehow managed to get free traffic from Google and I was hooked although in all honesty, I had no clue what I was actually doing.

Over the years I’ve continued studying how I can build better websites and how I can get more traffic to them. This experience led to me doing this for a living and working with other people and businesses to help them build and grow their websites whether it’s ecommerce stores, local businesses or big national brands. It’s crazy to think that a few years ago I had no clue how to even grow a website and now I’m advising a 9 figure brand on how to get more organic traffic.

Throughout my journey, I’m collecting invaluable experience while working at digital marketing agencies, directly with clients as a consultant or on my own projects. This website combined with my Youtube channel is where I document my findings and share them with people who are in need of beginner tutorials on web design and SEO.

Having friends who regularly ask me different web design and SEO questions makes it even more motivating to grow my resources for beginners here at Website Simplified so that I can answer any questions with a link to the right article, video or a Skillshare class.

If you’re feeling the way I felt back in 2013 – clueless on how to start your first website and intimidated by SEO then you’ve in the right place my friend. I’ll be showing you step by step on how you can create different types of websites as well as teaching you the fundamentals of search engine optimisation in a way that makes this subject no longer overwhelming and complicated.

How To Use This Site:

There are multiple ways on how you can navigate throughout my site in order to get the most information out of it. 

Written tutorials – I regularly update my blog with new tutorials on how to build and grow your website so if reading is your preferred way of learning new things then be sure to check out my blog section. 

Youtube videos – For those who prefer video content I have a Youtube channel full of different step by step tutorials for beginners – even if you have virtually no experience. Be sure to check it out and subscribe to get notified when I release a new video.

Skillshare classes – All of my information is available for free however if you’d like a more structure and organised way of accessing my tutorials then I have some courses over at Skillshare. The reason why I love Skillshare is because they have a generous 2 week free trial which means you can access my classes for free. 

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